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Broadcast Hysteria by A. Brad Schwartz

Last month, the Federal Communications Commission reached a historic decision with its controversial vote to preserve net neutrality. The response from telecommunications giant Verizon to that vote was also notable—both for its haste and its theatricality.


As an American writer, however, I felt uneasy in Havana. (I had served in government, but never traveled to Cuba during that time). I kept waiting for the ax to fall. This was largely because I was hanging out with Cubans who were under surveillance. My book, Now I Know Who My Comrades Are: Voices From the Internet Underground, profiles the Cuban bloggers who took great personal risks to tell stories that didn’t appear in the state-controlled media.

Cholera's Child

The contagion that hit New York City the summer of 1832 was as frightening, deadly, and as poorly understood as Ebola is today: cholera.

Were conservatives once more concerned about the environment than they are now?

Neither top-down politics nor disorganized grassroots movements can solve our most challenging problems. But, as the first Earth Day demonstrated, politicians who use their power to nurture the creativity and commitment of citizens truly can change the world.


In the American system doctors are paid much less for exercising their judgment than their fingers.

Do Fathers Matter? by Paul Raeburn

Celebrate Father’s Day this year with some insight into fatherhood and a look at why fathers matter more than we know. Discourse in Progress is giving away 10 copies of award-winning journalist Paul Raeburn’s important new book, Do Fathers Matter?

J. Douglas Smith’s On Democracy’s Doorstep masterfully recounts the tumultuous and often overlooked events that established the principle of “one person, one vote” in the United States.

Good Hunting by Jack Devine

Because secrecy is so critical to everything the CIA does, the people who work there become obsessed with betrayal.

Do Fathers Matter? by Paul Raeburn

In Do Fathers Matter? the award-winning journalist and father of five Paul Raeburn overturns the many myths and stereotypes of fatherhood as he examines the latest scientific findings on the parent we’ve often overlooked. Drawing on research from neuroscientists, animal behaviorists, geneticists, and developmental psychologists, among others, Raeburn takes us through the various stages of […]