Discourse in Progress: The Experts Behind the Issues



In the American system doctors are paid much less for exercising their judgment than their fingers.

J. Douglas Smith’s On Democracy’s Doorstep masterfully recounts the tumultuous and often overlooked events that established the principle of “one person, one vote” in the United States.

Good Hunting by Jack Devine

Because secrecy is so critical to everything the CIA does, the people who work there become obsessed with betrayal.

Do Fathers Matter? by Paul Raeburn

In Do Fathers Matter? the award-winning journalist and father of five Paul Raeburn overturns the many myths and stereotypes of fatherhood as he examines the latest scientific findings on the parent we’ve often overlooked. Drawing on research from neuroscientists, animal behaviorists, geneticists, and developmental psychologists, among others, Raeburn takes us through the various stages of […]

Age of Ambition

Under a sliver of moon, on an island off the coast of China, a twenty-six-year-old army captain slipped away from his post and headed for the water’s edge. He moved as calmly as possible, over the pine scrub to a ledge overlooking the shore. If his plan were discovered, he would be disgraced and executed…


If violent deaths fell and prosperity rose after the Roman conquests, we could conclude that Cicero was right; war was good for something. If the results came out the other way, then obviously Calgacus understood his age better, and war made only wastelands. But reality is rarely that convenient.

Bad Pharma

Before we get going, we need to establish one thing beyond any doubt: industry-funded trials are more likely to produce a positive, flattering result than independently funded trials.

What Money Can't Buy

Nobody likes to wait in line. Sometimes you can pay to jump the queue and in recent years, selling the right to cut in line has come out of the shadows and become a familiar practice.